The expression ” many hands make light work” proved to be true on DSC03067Saturday, May 2nd, as MCA’s faculty, students and parents joined together to make our first Springfest a wonderful success. While some were setting up canopies, others were carrying in cakes and other edible goodies we would offer our guests. Students, using colors of chalk, drew a path for the cake walks that would occur throughout the afternoon. Accompanied by music and the slow hiss of air filling the Bounce House, we were united in purpose. By noon, our campus stood ready to welcome friends and family, as well as the Marshall community, to an afternoon of recreation.

The festivities began at the ticket booth where our guests received a yellow band for their DSC03059wrist. This band entitled its wearer to a lunch of pulled pork sandwich, chips and sweet ice tea, a round on the cake walk, a face painting, as well as, the opportunity to send a parent or teacher down in the dunk tank. As soon as the the clock struck 12, children shed their shoes and jumped into the Bounce House while students formed a line at the dunk tank. One after another, they collected their ball allotment determined to strike the target and send a teacher into the cold water.

Children, boys and girls alike, enjoy having their face painted, so we pulled in aDSC03058 couple of our talented students to do the job. Shaded from the sun under a canopy, they decorated their young guests. Satisfied customers admired their painted faces in a hand mirror before running happily off to find their parents. Across the way, kettle corn, cotton candy and drinks were available for purchase, adding to the festival atmosphere.

            Many came hoping their raffle ticket would be drawn to win the fire pit, donated by TXGates. Still, that wasn’t the end of the blessings they might gain on this sunny afternoon. The Silent Auction provided opportunity to receive a dinner at Chik-fil-a, swim lessons, or a new hairstyle, to name a few. While one could walk the cake walk as often as they liked for a dollar, everyone was entitled to one chance to win. Each cake, home-baked and decorated, was provided by moms, teachers and grandmothers of the students here at MCA.

avengersThe highlight, especially for the children, began with “Avengers, assemble!” underscored by theme music. Slowly, and from various directions, the Avengers arrived. As they did, children stopped bouncing, throwing balls and jumped up from their face painting session to hurry to greet Ironman, Thor and the Incredible Hulk. While the children hurried to meet the heroes, the music changed to Captain America’s theme. Suddenly, there he was riding a bright red scooter, carrying his shield and waving to the waiting crowd. He circled about the parking area, drawing the children away from the other Avengers, not unlike the Pied Piper of old. Once he’d dismounted, he greeted the children and introduced them to the Avengers. Later the children were instructed on the heroes’ signature poses, pushups and sit-ups, but most importantly, to know that the first superhero was Jesus Christ, not Captain America. Some came to know Jesus as their Savior, even the infamous Loki.

While some young men challenged one one another to a game of basketball, othersDSC03046 relished the concept of dropping a teacher into the tank. It takes a strong arm and a good aim get the job done, and they were up for it. Above the music, cries of protest could be heard from behind the shield where the teacher sat. Inevitably, one ball would strike the target; down into the cold water the teacher would go.

 DSC03073All in all, Marshall Christian Academy’s first Springfest proved to be an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with our student’s families, to introduce our school and its vision to the local community and to join together in support of MCA’s athletic program. We appreciate everyone who worked to make the day a success. We especially want to thank our students, their families and friends, and our Marshall neighbors. Your generous support does not go unnoticed. You are a blessing.