DSCF5344Our students transition from elementary school into the daily schedule of the 7th and 8th grades, laying the foundation of schedule and study they’ll have in secondary school. Core classes in Bible, mathematics, language arts, science and history ensure a strong foundation for high school studies. Students benefit from a diversity of teachers who specialize in their academic fields.

MCA presents a strong academic program which prepares our high school students for their future. Our program focuses on core subject skills, supplemented with practical elective courses. Core classes include Bible, mathematics, language arts, science and history; all from a Christian perspective. Electives are being added each year; current additions (2016-2017 School Year) to include Spanish 1 and computer keyboarding.

For more than 25 years, we’ve had the privilege to see many of our graduates go on to attend college. Although some MCA students choose to enter a career straight out of high school, they do so, fully equipped with a sound Biblical and academic foundation and the communication skills needed for success. Alumni are involved in fields such as business, education, engineering, medicine, military, ministry, and law, as well as various trades. Our MCA staff strongly encourages their students to apply themselves diligently to academic and extracurricular opportunities in preparation for their future service to Christ.

Twenty-five (25) credits are required for graduation:

  • 4 Bible credits
  • 4 English credits
  • 4 Math credits
  • 3 Science credits
  • 4 History credits
  • 1 Practical or Performing Arts credit
  • 1 Physical Education credit
  • 4 Elective credits                                                               
  • 25 Credits Total

Kindergarten and Elementary education programs are also available.