At MCA, we believe introducing children to God's Word is essential to a good education. Our Kindergarten curriculum provides an excellent start through "Bible time". The students learn about God's truths by listening to Bible stories. These truths are then reinforced through the use of drama, puppets and singing songs of praise.

Learning to read and write are also necessary skills for building a solid education. With that in mind, learning to read begins with our K-4 students. With our phonics based reading program young students are taught to recognize letters, to learn how they sound, and how to blend them into words and later, into sentences. By the end of the first semester, they are beginning to read.


Every day, books are read that teach them about the world around them, take them to foreign countries, and introduce them to famous people of the world. By the year's end, a four-year-old may be reading one syllable word stories and sharing what they've learned with their family.

 The K-5 curriculum seamlessly builds on the foundation laid the year before. Students are introduced to beginning arithmetic concepts, also. They learn to recognize numbers, to count by 1's, 5's, and 10's up to 100, and to do some simple arithmetic problems. Throughout the morning, the children enjoy a variety of activities and games designed to enhance the children's learning experience.

If your child is four-years-old by August 1st, he may be ready for our K-4 program. We have available our K-5  program as well. For older students, ask about our Elementary or Secondary program.