Bridge the Gap



 The Investment of a Christian Education                               

The value of a Christian education cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  Instead, we measure the successes of a Christian education by the extent to which our children develop a relationship with God and learn to serve the people in the world in which they live.  Marshall Christian Academy prepares students to live lives that bring glory to God through our emphasis on character, wisdom and discipline.

The quality of education Marshall Christian Academy provides is not possible without the generous giving of those who believe in our mission.  These dollars and cents help us provide the necessary environment to develop the hearts, minds and bodies of young men and women.  This money helps us Bridge the Gap” between what we charge in tuition and what it truly costs to educate each child.


We need your help to Bridge the Gap in two areas:

 Tuition and the Actual Cost of Educating a Student

A common misconception is that tuition alone covers the cost of educating our students. Typical of most independent schools, our tuition only covers about 50% of the cost to educate a student.


Tuition and Families with Need

Committing to send a child to a private Christian school is a serious financial undertaking. Our ability to provide assistance for potential students with financial need is dependent upon scholarship support from our generous donors.


We Bridge the Gap primarily through our annual fund, MCA Building Fund, in addition to several fundraising efforts which include MCA Sports Sponsorship, Yankee Candles, bi-annual Christian Artist concerts, and the Spring Festival.

Thanks to the generous support of alumni, MCA friends and organizations, it is our aspiration that MCA will continue to harvest godly leaders for the 21st century to fulfill and strengthen the legacy of Christian service to communities throughout the world.

Would you consider helping us to Bridge the Gap?  Contact us to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our students by supporting Marshall Christian Academy.