As MCA students progress through their elementary years, the foundation is being built upon, line upon line. Each year, the skills and knowledge gained the year before improve with consistent review and the learning of additional concepts. Students practice and improve their reading skills during activity time in the lower grades and through the reading of science, health and history texts in upper elementary classes. Our reading program weaves vocabulary and spelling words into the stories to improve the student’s comprehension and presents a continual review of the fundamentals of phonics. With teacher encouragement, our students learn to read well, but also learn to enjoy it.

Through extracurricular subjects, such as art and music, we encourage the creative side of our student’s education. By their participation in these activities, not only do they learn, but they have opportunity to interact with one another and learn social skills. Students in the upper elementary grades study art techniques that they apply to their own creative projects. Social skills and character development continue to be encouraged as the elementary students gather together for music class where they will learn patriotic, traditional and fun songs.

Teachers at MCA have a love for the Word of God and impart that love to their students. They encourage their students to develop spiritual awareness through the memorizing of scripture and listening to Bible stories. Students learn to sing traditional hymns, as well as, modern choruses. As the children grow, we encourage them to think critically about every subject. In this way, they’ll become world influencers through the Biblical principles they are learning.

Kindergarten and Secondary education programs are also available.