A Vision Statement from our Athletic Director


Guy Barr, Athletic Director & Coach

I was in 7th grade when my junior high football coach came in the class and said, “I love Jesus Christ!” 

I was so profoundly affected by this bold, and daring statement by a tough, strong, man’s man that

I greatly admired.  I have been aspiring to relay this message to young people through the tool of athletics ever sense.

I believe that at Marshall Christian Academy every coach and teacher has this same desire and wants to point all our children and young adults to Jesus Christ.  Athletics is such a great tool to use for the training and discipleship of young people.  It is a platform that forces each individual to respond to pressure and cope with the ups and downs that occurs on the journey of competing in sports.

One of the hallmark moments in my coaching service was in 2010 when our football team lost a tough semi-final game.  The team was much better than us, and we were definitely not favored to win.  Even though we were the underdog, the loss came with such sadness and disappointment because we had put such effort and emotion into that season.  As I was contemplating the game and the loss the next week, the Lord answered me in prayer with a question, “How do you know that you had a winning season?”  Well I thought to myself, in the world, they would say by winning more games than you lose, but God was saying something different through his probing question.

As I asked him what He thought about this new question, He seemed to direct my attention to the clash between David and Goliath and in general to the life of David.  I began to study the characteristics of his life and temperament.  To list a few of these characteristics I began to notice were: 

a.  David was a man after God’s own heart

b.  He was a man under authority

c.  He was a man willing to be faithful in the small things

d.  He was a man who was brave and courageous

e.  He was a man who plays his game

f.  He was a man who has a passion for Jesus and close communion with him, and on and on.

God was telling me that if we would teach these characteristics, then we would have a winning season in God’s eyes every season!