Lynette (Boyd) Nel            Class of 1988

As we crossed the street to the meadow that led to the football field, my four year old urgently tugged at my hand, “Mommy, hurry up or we will be late.” Tears came to my eyes as I looked around, remembering the first time I had stepped onto the same land at the sweet age of 17.

It was my senior year when I arrived at Marshall Christian Academy. I felt loved and accepted as I made many new friends that year. Our bond was built around the fun times, the work, but most of all, Christ. The tears continued to come not just because of the memories but because of the future that now held my hand and was pulling me forward.

It so deeply affected me that I had this wonderful heritage to share with my child, the same that was given to me some twenty years earlier.  As I glanced down at my eager son, I saw nothing but joy and excitement in his little face. Again he said, “Mommy, hurry, we don’t want to be late.” I don’t want to be late or keep my child from his purpose…he is valuable to the Kingdom of God.

This is the next generation waiting to be built.


I was a sophomore at a public high school of more than 3,000 students when my mom decided to move us from Miami, FL to the small town of Marshall, TX.  At the time, I was lost in a huge school and barely surviving academically.  I knew I was going to attend MCA and I could hardly wait!  I had heard that God worked in this place... And it was true!  I was immediately embraced by the student body and felt loved by the faculty.  

This school and its teachers radically changed my life! I was challenged academically, but more importantly spiritually.  Through the MCA teachers, God began to work on my character and form and fashion the person I am today.  After graduation, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a Spanish major and English minor from East Texas Baptist University. 

One thing that stands out specifically about my experience at MCA is that it helps train young people to love Jesus Christ and become leaders! I would not be the person I am today; wife, mother, business owner, without the training I received at Marshall Christian Academy.

            Gina (Campo) Hester            Class of 1993



                    Nathanael Longacre                        Class of 2004


My experience at Marshall Christian Academy started when I was in the 8th grade. Prior to attending MCA, I was homeschooled by my parents at our farm in Marshall, Texas.  As most young people my age, I was excited to go to school solely to hangout with my friends. However, MCA was not always that “fun hangout” for me because I was a typical rebellious teen male who had a tendency to clash with most authority figures wherever I encountered them.

I received Godly direction and loving correction with my attitudes and foolish behavior over my four years at MCA.  Through those character building corrections, my life was changed in a major way. 

While attending college at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio I quickly realized that my training at MCA was more than learning science and mathematics it was about building a foundation for my future. That foundation is Christ and then all the other knowledge can be built around that. I was not able to grasp the importance of a Godly foundation until I was off at college. 

I am so very thankful for my Godly parents and faculty that instructed me over the years at MCA.  This school is like no other! MCA emphasizes God foremost and along with constructing strong character and academic constitution.


I graduated from Marshall Christian Academy in 2006. I had a very small graduating class of seven, but that is what makes the school so special. It is like a big family and I enjoyed the camaraderie with the teachers and other students. I was home schooled before coming to MCA and it would have been much more different, especially as an only child, to attend a public or other type of larger school. I was blessed to attend a sanctified school that put God first and not just education. 

I believe the emphasis of Marshall Christian Academy is to bring children into the Kingdom of God and help them learn His ways while also learning about our world. MCA wishes to graduate students who are like Daniel of old, "ten times better" in "matters of wisdom and understanding."(Daniel 1: 20).

After graduation from MCA, I attended East Texas Baptist University. I graduated in 2013 with an English B.A. and a specialization in Writing. I also earned a minor in History and took classes in Communications and Language.

Currently I work as the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the School of Humanities at ETBU. Our school encompasses the departments of History & Political Science, Communication Studies, and Language & Literature. I help the faculty with scheduling, filing paperwork, processing requests for funds, and I coordinate annual events such as the Writers Conference.

If asked what are some things that were implemented in Marshall Christian Academy that helped me with my job today, I would have to say: respect and also knowing God for yourself and having a personal walk with Him.


               Elizabeth Hoyer               Class of 2006