Recent Africa Trip

by Guy Barr

Melissa and I were able to visit Western Africa a couple of weeks ago. We had met the school’s principal back in July at the Abeka campus in Pensacola, Florida. I had been praying about getting outside of our comfort zone and seeing what God would have us do (enlarging our boundaries). While at the Pensacola Teachers Conference, I had met several people from other countries. I was impressed that I would know when I met the right person when met him, and that God would direct our steps according to his word. As soon as we met the principal I said, “You know, I have been praying for you.” Without hesitation she said, “I’ve been praying for you”. It took nearly nine months from the moment of that wonderful encounter until Melissa and I stepped onto a plane in Houston and flew over to western Africa.

We had a wonderful time in the ten days we spent there. We were able to train and serve teachers at  at a teacher in-service while we were there. There were six to ten teachers at the school. We took them through a “Teacher Sent From God” in-service for a half day of training. We spent time observing them, doing one-on-one teacher training and counseling with each teacher. We also had opportunity to discuss with the principal a variety of ways to be more successful in what they were doing at the school.

Another great experience was a visit to an orphanage. It was phenomenal! With donations we brought from the Church in Marshall were able to provide them with enough groceries to last for several weeks. Melissa returned two or three times. In addition to the food, she was able to provide shoes for all the kids; this was an awesome blessing and a wonderful time. Every time we visited the children we had a wonderful time.

God had given me a scripture, a theme for our trip, so to speak, Romans 1:10-12. He promised us a prosperous journey; that we would be both encouraged in our mutual faith. We were deeply impacted and deeply encouraged. All that He promised and more was accomplished. God was faithful to take care of us. He was with us. We developed a wonderful relationship with the principal and her school. In that relationship, we each look for an opportunity for a student exchange; their students coming to Marshall Christian Academy, and our students can study over there.

We are thankful God gave us this opportunity and anticipate a growing relationship with our brothers and sisters in West Africa. We eagerly look forward to what God is going to do; what he is already doing and to how it will encourage our faith at Marshall Christian Academy and also our new friends’ faith in western Africa.