Competitive Athletics

2015-2016 Six Man Football Schedule


Jeff Arrington

Guy Barr

Tyrone Robinson

Bobby Stokell


At Marshall Christian Academy, we play Six-Man Football to work the character of Christ into our young men.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to play the great game of football.  Six-Man is an effective tool for developing young men in discipleship and training them in the game of life – how to play a game, how to be tough and how to represent Jesus Christ on and off the field. 

Six-man Football is very similar to regular football – just five players less from the original team of eleven.  There is fifteen yards for a first down and the field is eighty yards long.  Everyone is eligible for a pass, which makes the game very exciting.  One of the best quotes about six-man football is that “it is like basketball on the grass,” you can have scores as high as one hundred and twenty points.

This will be our first year to compete in both junior high and high school varsity football.  We will have exciting Friday nights featuring double-header games with junior high playing at 5:00 or 5:30 and then varsity at 7:00 or 7:30. So come on out and enjoy Friday Night Lights with MCA Guardians Six-Man Football teams!