MCA Guardians Football 2017


2017 Six Man Football Schedule


Jeff Arrington

Guy Barr

Tyrone Robinson

Bobby Stokell


At Marshall Christian Academy, we play Six-Man Football to work the character of Christ into our young men.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to play the great game of football.  Six-Man is an effective tool for developing young men in discipleship and training them in the game of life – how to play a game, how to be tough and how to represent Jesus Christ on and off the field. 

Six-man Football is very similar to regular football – just five players less from the original team of eleven.  There is fifteen yards for a first down and the field is eighty yards long.  Everyone is eligible for a pass, which makes the game very exciting.  One of the best quotes about six-man football is that “it is like basketball on the grass,” you can have scores as high as one hundred and twenty points.

The MCA Guardians completed their 2015-2016 football season with a TCAL Division I championship. The MCA Guardians football team did not compete in the 2016-2017 school year.  After taking a year off we are excited about another year of Friday nights games with home games beginning at 7:30 p.m. So come on out and enjoy Friday Night Lights with MCA Guardians Six-Man Football teams!

Game Results

Sep 1 (Away)MCA74BVCHEA24
Sep 8 (Away)MCA48Chester ISD0
Sep 15 (Home)MCA68Leverett's Chapel20
Sep 22 (Home)MCA60Exel Lions12
Sep 29 (Away)MCA64Union Hill ISD110
Oct 5 (Away)MCA80Apple Springs21
Oct 13 (Away)MCA67Dallas Lakehill Prep56
Oct 20 (Home)MCA54Memorial Chr. Academy7
Oct 27 (Home)MCAGame Cancelled
Nov 3 (Home)MCA87Ft. Worth THESA80
Nov 11MCABye Week
Nov 18 (Chilton, TX)
TCAL Div. 1 Semifinal
MCA62Texas Christian13
Nov 25 (Houston, TX)
TCAL Div. 1 Final
MCA70Mt. Carmel Academy20


Home games will be played at the old Karnack High School football field located at 655 Fason St. in Karnack, TX.