Building the Next Generation


At the heart of Marshall Christian Academy is (and always will be ) the desire to present Jesus Christ to our students. The fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge. (Pro. 1:7 NLT) We had realized a good education is needed to prepare our children for the future they will someday lead, but it would need to begin with the Word of God. Over the years, our school has gone through a few changes before it became what it is today. What had begun as homeschooling families wanting to fulfill the Lord’s desire for their children has become an academy of diligent education with Jesus at the helm and the center of its focus.

Initially, parents, simply wanting an alternative to the public school system, opted to homeschool their children. While this provided an avenue to impart reading, writing and arithmetic, it was lacking in times of socialization with other students. Eventually, these times were provided through art classes offered at the fellowship, piano recitals and spelling bees. The vision (for the school that could be) continued to grow in the hearts of the parents. In time, it became clear the Lord had more in mind for this growing community and its school. Time for phase two.

The transition from teaching at home to teaching at the fellowship carried an air of adventure. Instead of teaching every subject to our students, we were focused on the one we enjoyed and were most qualified to teach. Every parent had a part to play. If they weren’t teaching, they assisted those who were, in some fashion. We were able to offer more options to the students, the Word took on a deeper dimension, and the students had opportunity to spend time together. The Lord, however, had an even greater vision. On to phase three.

Finally, the Lord took us to a teacher’s conference where we were shown the value of who we were as teachers. Throughout the years, His leading had brought us to this place, a place of knowing we were sent by Him to become doors through which He would work in the hearts and lives of students. We’d also been given a curriculum that not only seriously prepares our students for life, but abundantly shares the life and love of Jesus Christ to them.

To be sure, this is not the final phase. As surely as we at MCA are growing in the things of the Lord, so is this school growing in its capacity and potential to fulfill its mission. Our teachers have not only grown in number, but continually learn their subject and better methods of presenting it.  Our six-man football team, our basketball team – champions on the field and in the gym are more examples of our growth and outreach potential. Consequently, we are reaching out to the community, offering opportunities for its children to learn at the feet of Jesus. Many are taking that opportunity. As they do, the need to build has come into play. In fact, it has already begun. Our first addition is nearly finished marking the beginning of the next phase in the growth of Marshall Christian Academy.